The Death of Pure Evil

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David Rockefeller died in March at the age of 101. Even his wiki page shows that he was a British agent.  You can see all the fake players he was involved with throughout the years at his wiki page. You can find a picture of Fidel Castro giving him the freemason handshake too.

Three days ago another totally corrupt being diedZbigniew Brzezinski, age 89, was President Carter’s National Security Advisor. The Rockefellers and the whole freemason/intel agency apparatus/CFR are involved in appointing each corrupt National Security Advisor. All are traitors to the American people. All are involved in perennial war and impending QE attempt.

This was a decent youtube on the Rockefellers, except for the part on Russo who was another faux conspiracist meant to hide the ultimate truths as I have promulgated in my 4 books.

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