The Anonymous Physicist’s Proposed Galactic Peace Plan for Earth

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

To try to put an end to the long, nightmarish human experience on Planet Earth, I propose the following 3-Party Galactic/Earth Peace Plan.

In exchange for the total cessation of evil acts against Homo sapiens and all forms of interference with humanity’s own development, the Quarantiners will stop trying to kill the quarantined ones. The Quarantiners will allow the quarantined ones to safely live above ground, as long as the latter totally cease all attempts to escape Earth. Any discovered plan to escape would automatically and instantly terminate the agreement. The quarantined ones would be allowed to interact openly with humans as long as each party’s safety and integrity is respected. Killing presidents, poisoning citizens, kidnapping and having sex slaves, and indeed all wars, created famines, genocides and manufactured intra-human strife must be ended.

This proposed peace plan could have third party alien visitors negotiate with all parties. Other aliens are allowed to pass through the Quarantine as that Bio-Net only scans for the quarantined ones’ DNA—which was also emplaced in us alas.

Our alien overlords must cease all overt and covert acts against humanity. This includes the cessation of all types of poisoning of our species including, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, nuclear, or other. Let there be no more chemtrails or mercury in baby’s vaccinations, dental fillings or light bulbs, and no more emplacement in some citizens’ homes. Humans would be allowed to scientifically progress without interference including working towards living indefinitely and healthily as I am sure the two warring alien species do.

How would each side view my proposed peace plan? My analysis follows.

The Quarantiners will never allow anything that would endanger them. They would have to be able to verify all activity of the quarantined ones, including at their deep underground habitats.

This is difficult and they certainly don’t trust their adversaries, and vice versa. There may have been a galactic war between them for eons.

What the quarantined ones would think about this involves the question of why they were here in the first place. Were they trying to escape a galactic chase? Or were they here for their own entertainment? Creating and enslaving and occasionally exterminating a somewhat advanced species, and being worshipped as a “supernatural god” apparently is experienced as great joy by these beings. Being allowed back in the Galaxy is their goal, but maybe they’d accept being allowed to safely live above ground.

Sadly though I propose this as a serious and historical event, I don’t believe it has much chance to succeed. But those of you in the Governments, militaries, etc.: pass the word to on high, or is it on low? This is the most important issue on Earth, and it is possible…

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