The Anonymous Physicist Reveals What is Really Going On When the NSA Gets “Hacked”

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My four books go into the following in more detail. But a few days ago, the MSM “revealed” that some clever ruthless group of “hackers” used the NSA’s own methods and hacked into the NSA and perhaps damaged or shut it or parts of it down.


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Note that in the above asinine “report” the alleged hackers, named the “Shadow Brokers” are claimed to be the Russians. 

This report also claims that the alleged hackers have used their tools to harm hospitals, banks, etc. This is part of an age old, worldwide PsyOp against our species since Day One. This is the monstrous quarantined ones trying to blame the Quarantiners for the evil actions of themselves—the quarantined ones. This NSA hacker story is a microcosm of the perennial PsyOp against our species which hides the fact that we are hostages in a galactic war, and just which side is good and which is evil. At the present time, they have to try to fool the humans in the military and intel agencies, lest they acquired brains and guts and tried to save our species instead of aiding the annihilation of their own species—all of us.

I have revealed that this type of thing is certainly the Quarantiners. They know the real purpose of the NSA is to try to electronically shut down the Quarantine. The NSA’s other purpose is to spy on humanity to see who is aiding the Quarantiners. We all should, so as to overload our evil alien overlords and their foul human lackeys.

Again the purpose of the NSA and indeed the entire US Gov’t is Q Escape and upon failure, the annihilation of all of us. That includes you and your family.

Will you try to save yourself and your family?

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