Terrorist Regime Threatens To Explode H-Bomb in the Pacific Region

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The U.S. Government—as predicted here—is threatening to explode an H-bomb in the Pacific, and blame it on North Korea, which does not have nukes or ICBMs.

I have previously stated that this scenario would have already played out but the Quarantiners blasted the nukes on board two US Navy Destroyers near Japan and Singapore in recent months.

Both Kim Jong-un and Donald [“I know Uranium…it’s nuclear…and it’s bad”] Trump have been calling each other names recently, ratcheting up the rhetoric for nuclear war.  

A few days ago President Trump, at the U.N.—allegedly an international organization for peace—called for war on several countries including North Korea. He labeled the N.K. leader as an insane rocket man. Yesterday Jong-un called Trump a dotard. That term is from the 1400s or so and basically means a senile imbecile. Online many searched on that word, and many have tweeted that Kim is correct and has won the war of words.

Ultimately both are agents and are mouthing the scripts given to them. Both alas would blindly obey their masters and incinerate their own countrymen and women, along with the rest of the world if/when that is scripted for them too. We need to spread the word and prevent this.

Update: Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are worth about the same amount of money. Kim is said to be worth $5 billion, while Trump has alleged that [naturally] he’s worth $3.3 billion.

See here; https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/presidents/kim-jong-un-net-worth/

Kim is said to be a long term fan of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. His older brother was actually the one slated to be NK’s leader, but this was changed after the brother was found sneaking into Japan to go to Disneyland Tokyo. He was later assassinated and Kim became Chairman. Their father was an aficionado of blond Swedish women and western wine and cigars. Don’t they all sound Western?

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