Rodney Stich Died. He Defrauded America–was Deep Cover Intel Agent

On November 29, 2015, well known conspiracy expert and one-time FAA investigator, Rodney Stich died at the age of 92, presumably of natural causes. His celebrated magnum opus was his large book, Defrauding America.

In the latest printings of one of my own 3 conspiracy books, I reveal the full remarkable nature of my conversation with Stich a few months before he died. But I will summarize this here and state categorically that he proved to me during that conversation that he himself was a faux conspiracy expert; rather he was a deep cover, long-term intel agent. Thus he had perhaps the longest running, and most sinister Op-Plans. IMO what he said to me in conjunction with his website, etc. proved to me that the evil American intel agencies used him as a faux anti-government expert for 60 years or more–all in relation to the American Government’s planned nuking of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

Note that I had previously stated that–beside myself– Stich was one of only 3 conspiracy experts who were not actually gov’t agents. I.e., I had given percentages to those 3 as follows: Bill Cooper – 99-100% likely to not be a gov’t agent putting out some disinfo. And Stich and Sherman Skolnick at 95% likely to be genuine. After my conversation with Stich, I put his likelihood of not being a life-long deep cover agent–who was defrauding America–at only 0-5%.

Perhaps when all is said and done, only Bill Cooper and I will turn out to be genuine. Certainly we have both paid a terrible price for telling the truth. He with having his brains blown out and me with massive mercury poisoning by the American federal regime.

When I spoke with Stich, I even offered to mail him, gratis, my 9/11 Nuclear WTC Destruction book where I, a physicist,  proved that the American Federal Regime–along with one  other regime–nuked the WTC and the China Syndrome resulted. Stich refused my book offer and proof. Instead he actually denounced “conspiracy experts” and told me to go to his website and see his writing and latest book on how “the US Gov’t did not follow his advice which led to the allowance of terrorists to fly planes into the towers.” In other words, he actually supports the entire regime story of planes and gravitational collapse, etc.
Of course, only I have shown that the”bad CGI” videos show a poor silhouette of a plane pasted up against a photo of a tower, and they never show the plane going into the tower.

In summary, and in my concerted opinion, the whole purpose of Stich’s Op-Plan was to have the former FAA agent and alleged anti-Gov’t expert to support the regime’s 9/11 propaganda and nonsense, when the time would come. He himself may not have been told the real purpose of his whole Op-Plan until 9/11/01.

More is in my books…

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