Presidential Assassins Convict Themselves on “Secret” Audio Tapes

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The above link contains President Johnson’s “secret” audio tape of a phone conversation he had with President-Elect Richard Nixon shortly after he defeated Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 November Presidential [s]election.

I will have my unique interpretation of what they contain and imply.

To me perhaps the most important thing occurs when LBJ discusses Richard Helms with Nixon. LBJ ludicrously states that he never heard of Helms when he assumed the presidency. He named Helms CIA Director in 1966. Nixon asks Johnson if he should “continue him” and LBJ gives him a strong recommendation. Nixon then asks LBJ to quickly tell Helms that he, Nixon, will continue him.

Note that LBJ’s absurd lie that he had never heard of him in 1963 is belied by his mentioning that Helms was a UPI reporter decades earlier. [IMO that was cover and that he was all along an intel agent or asset.]


Now I have no doubt one or both were using the taping for ulterior motives. These were LBJ’s tapes, so he obviously knew the conversation was being taped. I am pretty sure Nixon did too. To me the absurd lie that LBJ had never heard of Helms until shortly before naming him CIA Director was made because Helms as CIA Deputy Director of Plans in 1963 was the master planner of the Kennedy Assassination. Helms also likely liasoned with Johnson, Nixon, most of JFK’s cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of the Pentagon and others. I doubt that Helms was the initiator of the Assassination as the CIA is controlled by the UK’s MI6. From there control probably goes to Scotland’s Freemason HQ. And from there to the secret societies in Rome, and from there, one step higher, or is it lower.

But Richard Helms probably had operational control of the assassination and was liaison to the different branches of the US Regime.

LBJ states that absurd lie of never having heard of Helms precisely because of his own involvement in the Kennedy Assassination and prior relationship with Helms. LBJ’s act of throwing himself to the floor of his limo when JFK’s limo turned onto Elm Street proves that he was told—by the US Gov’t agent in charge of the plot—where the Murder was going to take place. Again this was likely Helms. That the two presidential assassins want Helms to immediately know he is being “continued” is telling.

Nixon likely knew he was being taped too. Both are also lying regarding the issue of the South Vietnamese Gov’t not wanting to join peace talks in Paris. Recently other tapes have come out whereby LBJ discusses that he knew that Nixon had sabotaged those talks by secretly advising the South Vietnamese not to go and that he, Nixon, will give them a better deal, if they hold out and help him get [s]elected which they did, at least for a while. This is said to have helped Nixon edge Humphrey in the 1968 election. But in this tape the two are lying, in that Nixon had been the one who sabotaged the peace talks and other tapes prove LBJ knew it.

The latter fact, and the additional fact that LBJ did not have Nixon arrested for treason, or at least tell the nation, all indicate that LBJ was ordered to help ensure that Nixon—and not his loyal, lap dog Hubert Humphrey—got [s]elected. The PTB like to provide the illusion of democracy by rotating or revolving the two parties—even though it’s really one party.

Nixon’s sabotaging the 1968 peace talks may have caused thousands more American soldiers to die. Of course the War on Vietnam was fraud from day one. No North Vietnamese boat ever fired on an American Destroyer in the bogus Gulf of Tonkin [non-]event that was perpetrated by the monstrous NSA. President Kennedy’s order to start bringing home the first 1000 [NSA] advisors was disobeyed by the Joint Chiefs shortly before Kennedy was assassinated. 

The monstrously evil and gigantic NSA has many advantages. Its very charter can’t be publicly divulged or where they are etc., and it is said to be 10 times larger than the CIA. The NSA in fact is charged with Quarantine Escape and surveillance of every human being on the planet and is run by the UK’s GCHQ. Virtually every FBI building on the Planet has large NSA offices in it. Perhaps the majority tenant at the World Trade Center’s Building 7 was the NSA. That the US Gov’t doesn’t want NSA Offices to be known as such is probably due IMO to the quarantined ones fear that the Quarantiners might blast, or otherwise interfere with any given NSA office for its role in QE.

Returning to the three assassins [LBJ, Nixon, and Helms], the taped conversation of the two lying presidents regarding Helms is very telling. LBJ used his taping many times to lie so as to try to protect himself should he ever be charged with murder and treason for his role in killing President Kennedy. An honest evaluation, as I’ve given here, often proves that he actually gives himself away with the absurdity of some of his lies. Likewise here regarding Nixon. 

Update: Here is another LBJ tape, made 6 days before the one with Nixon, whereby he told Senator Dirksen he knew Nixon was committing treason. So each tape is different from others, and all have the goal of protecting LBJ from possible future criminal charges.

A few years later, President Nixon’s own secret tapes led to his downfall. While the Senate was investigating his wrongdoings regarding the Watergate break-in, he was forced to resign instead of undergoing an impending impeachment trial. His own party had abandoned him by 1975. IMO, he had done something that led to the PTB not wanting him there anymore. The Democratic Party’s HQ was broken into by CIA Agents, like E. Howard Hunt and McCord, for what was in their safe. Some allege that it contained proof of top people’s involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.

Nixon tried to sabotage or at least hinder the Watergate investigation. He tried to get the CIA to go after the FBI. He kicked Helms out of the CIA in 1973 and sent him off to Iran as Ambassador. Nixon was running out of people who would obey him by 1975. Spiro Agnew was forced to resign as VP, and Nixon appointed Warren Commissioner fraudster Congressman Gerald Ford as his VP.

When Nixon, or his Attorney General, appointed Archibald Cox as Special Prosecutor for Watergate break-in matters, Cox tried to subpoena all of Nixon’s secret tapes. When Cox refused to obey Nixon’s order to desist, Nixon fired him.

Some in the Press noted that Nixon was a Cox-sacker…

It’s interesting that several authors have written that both Johnson and Nixon were often drunk while serving as President.

When Nixon’s tapes were finally surrendered, they contained the soon-to-be infamous 18 minute gap. Some party or parties should been charged with that in-effect crime scene alteration, but was not. Some of Nixon’s own top advisors said Nixon was discussing the Kennedy Assassination during that interval. Other parts of either Johnson’s or Nixon’s tapes are to this day in effect retracted. They use the term “national security” when again it’s often when either, or both, Presidents are discussing the Kennedy Assassination, and/or their roles in it, and/or that the entire US Gov’t is a criminal enterprise run by the intel agencies and secret societies.

These two Presidential Assassins, Johnson and Nixon—own tapes often give them away precisely when they obviously lie to try to protect themselves from feared prosecution for their roles in killing John Fitzgerald Kennedy—the last President of the United States.

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