Possible World Firsts re Jackie and the Zapruder film

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The above Z-film gif of course shows Secret Service Agent William Greer shoot President Kennedy in the head — killing him instantly. ER doctors later said they were never able to restart his heart. Alas even if they did, it wouldn’t have mattered as US Gov’t Agent, William Greer, blew much of Kennedy’s wonderful brain away.


What I see here may be a world first. Jackie first has her mouth wide open in shock, horror and terror as she sees the back of her husband’s head  is now gone. From 5-10 feet away, she well heard that driver Greer killed her husband, after first shooting Gov. Connally who she heard blurting out, “My God, they’re trying to kill us all.” That’s a giveaway that he [“little boy Johnson” as his boss, LBJ called him] was in on the assassination and was told that only JFK would be shot.

Now as Jackie attempts to flee from the murderer in the limo, I see her push aside JFK’s head with her left hand. This may be a world first. Another thing may have occurred. Jackie may have felt the fatal bullet go past her. Her head was very close to his. She may have felt the “wake” of the bullet speed past her. It may have missed her by only an inch or so.

There is evidence that people can feel a bullet go past them. See this article where a policeman relates this: http://www.telegraphherald.com/news/breaking/article_4d232a26-2146-5c9a-a36d-90e5455787ba.html

Now I am not faulting Jackie for doing that, as her now lifeless husband’s head was apparently blocking her attempt to flee the Gov’t killer in the car. But she apparently never related that to others, to my knowledge, including author Schlessinger. She may have later had guilt about this. Or indeed, due to shock, she may not even have recalled that aspect.

As noted below, I have little doubt that she would have told Robert Kennedy and the family as soon as possible who killed his brother. Risible books are still written about Bobby, and everyone else, trying to ascertain who did it.

Perhaps the second most unfortunate thing is that Jackie, Bobby and the Kennedy family and friends did not immediately tell the country and the world what happened. Maybe it might have led to the Gestapo American regime’s downfall sooner or later. But apparently all the Kennedys feared for their children’s lives. When pressed, Jackie even said, “the Secret Service has my children.”

There is no statute of limitations for murder and high treason. All “presidents” and administrations since Nov. 22, 1963 are fraudulent and treasonous. All “presidents’ since then are/were put in power solely to do two things that John Fitzgerald Kennedy never would have: Press a button [or sign orders] for a QE attempt and upon failure order the extermination of our species.

RIP John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States. And to Jackie, you were the last legitimate First lady. We can see that you first tried to pull him down, but he was “frozen” for his last several seconds of life, likely from a “special bullet.”

RIP Jackie, for you lived through some 30 years of terror from the US Gestapo Regime with grace. You cannot be faulted for trying to flee from the Gov’t killer of your husband, President Kennedy.

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