On the RFK Jr. Vaccination Safety Investigation Committee

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The day after allegedly winning the presidential election, the Trump administration-to-be announced that Robert Kennedy Jr would head a federal gov’t committee which was to investigate vaccination safety [or the lack thereof]. This was promulgated by the MSM. And then nothing. I found last month by accident that RFK Jr’s site stated that the next day this was called off — without any word from the MSM. This absence was undoubtedly by design because of what the quick dropping of the Trump planned investigation implies. It indicates that Trump is, of course, not in charge of anything, and can’t do anything he might want to.

The PTB don’t want the People to know that the President is a figurehead and that the whole federal façade is bogus.

On another level, Trump might have wanted to do some good possibly because his own youngest son appears to have a mild case of autism, probably Asperger’s.  And it’s possible that Trump found out that mercury and/or other toxins in vaccinations cause autism.

In my own case for committing the NON-crime of once publicly speaking out on the Kennedy assassination, namely that Secret Servce Agent/driver William Greer killed President Kennedy after first shooting Gov. Connolly – who was in his way, the FBI and CIA placed a mercury compound all over the floors and countertops in my home and poured the remainder down a sink. This was proven by the Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality. As I have stated the US [so-called] Gov’t is guilty, in my case, of attempted murder, torture and terrorism. As the crimes committed against me are part of the cover-up of the treasonous act of murdering President Kennedy, the perpetrators of the mercury poisoning of myself are also guilty of treason and aiding and abetting the treasonous murderers of President Kennedy who remain in power today.

To his credit, Robert Kennedy, Jr. has recently offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove the mercury in vaccinations is safe for humans.

I wish good people would appear and help me accordingly.

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