On the Recent, Insidious South African Nuclear Op-Plan

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My fourth Ultimate Truths conspiracy book includes revealing the 20th Century South Africa Op-Plan—the real reason for everything that occurred there in the 20th Century and now as well.

In the last decade, South Africa has seen former ANC intelligence officer Jacob Zuma, become President with his subsequent getting away with many hundreds of criminal charges. Despite a recent Constitutional Court ruling that not prosecuting him back in 2009 was “not rational” he still has not been charged with those crimes, nor many recent ones. And IMO he never will, while President.

When he appears in Parliament, Zuma always laughs when he is denounced therein. He knows the powerful, evil forces that protect him and direct him.

Recently a high Court ruled that his Administration’s “nuclear build” program was unconstitutional as it bypassed their Parliament. Zuma, a month or so ago, replaced numerous ministers in his Cabinet.

Just this past week, the agenda became clear to all, as NuclearZuma’s ministers—despite the Court’s ruling—announced the re-start of nuclear build plans. I, of course, predicted all of this months and years ago. NuclearZuma was emplaced in power by the Indian immigrants, the Gupta brothers. The meaningless term of “state capture” is used by the corrupt MSM and internet media to hide the legal term of “treason” for the Guptas control of the Zuma Administration. The Guptas, Zuma and indeed Nelson Mandela were all MI6 agents or assets. Mandela celebrated many of his birthdays—post-release from jail—in London.

SA’s parastatal energy company, Eskom, is heavily involved in corruption. I’ve called it Escum. Part of the nuclear agenda of the Guptas, NuclearZuma, and Eskom/Escum is to bring nuclear destruction to SA via 6-8 Chernobyls or Fukushimas.

SA’s nuclear agenda is the epitome of  proof that “democracy” and “constitutions” are nothing but myths in all countries on this planet. About two years ago, Eskom/Escum released their study and conclusion of where the safest place to build the next nuclear reactor in SA is. The place turned out to be one where earthquakes had occurred in the past and where tsunamis could occur. In other words, it is among the least safe places to build a nuclear reactor in the country. Indeed, Fukushima’s own plans called for it to be built on a hill which did not happen.

The total fascist, totalitarian nature of the South African Government and MSM and internet media is borne out by the following: Not one member of Parliament—including members of all the alleged oppositional parties—has stated either of the words: Fukushima or Chernobyl. Neither are those words allowed in their press, radio or online. People who try to post those words online have their posts removed and get themselves banned. The only issue MPs or online posters can discuss is the money issue. Indeed lately the Zuma Regime is talking about borrowing much of the one trillion Rand from the monstrous World Bank.

While the deepest reasons for nuclear reactors are in my books, Fukushima and Chernobyl show how nefarious and deadly nuclear reactors are.

The British MI6 agency, and those who control them, are clever and insidious. Again just this past week, a new book appeared in South Africa. When the Zuma Regime’s intel and other agencies said they were considering banning this new book, its sales skyrocketed as it was not, in fact, banned.

The book is titled,  The President’s Keepers: Those keeping Zuma In Power And Out Of Prison, by “journalist” Jacques Pauw. It details massive corruption on the part of Zuma, involving his well-paid connections to the Guptas, organized crime elements, his not paying taxes for several years, and his creating his own billion Rand private intelligence agency with the Gov’t/the People’s money.

The book, predictably here, does not once mention the word “reactor” and the so-called “nuclear build” matter is cited once, and not the way I cite it.

Indeed Pauw writes that he had retired to become the chef/owner of a restaurant in the Capetown area. His new legend is that he dropped everything to fly to Moscow to investigate matters.

While Pauw now is being elevated to near sainthood throughout SA, my take is that he and his book are distractions to hide nuclear matters. Private books also cannot include a single mention of the words: Chernobyl or Fukushima.

While South Africa’s fascism is readily evident, I assert that no country is as boldly and monstrously totalitarian as is the USA. The USA “Gov’t” has had four presidents assassinated—one via poison, three via a bullet to the brain. No other country has nuked its own largest city as was done to New York City on 9/11/01. No other country—except the USA’s master the U.K.—is waging war across the world on countries that haven’t acted against the USA/UK. The USA has a trillion dollar military/intel agency budget. A day before 9/11/01, “Defense Secretary” Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion from the Defense budget of the last few years was spent and missing as to where that money went. And no one talks about that now.

Quarantine Escape is involved in all this. We should be fighting back—not against each other, not against our own species–but against the monsters pulling the strings on us.

Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via Michaelrings13@yahoo.com