On the new movie, “Jackie.”

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I forced myself to watch the recent film, Jackie. As expected, it was replete with lies and omissions.

At one point, a military man tells Jackie that federal law requires an autopsy in Washington, DC. I am not certain, but I don’t believe there was such a federal law then. The movie is covering up the fact that a Dallas official tried to keep the murdered President’s body there in the hospital for an autopsy as required by Texas state law. Then a Secret Service-Gestapo Agent drew his gun and they ILLEGALLY absconded with the body for the coming, planned faux autopsy at Walter Reed Hospital.

The needless oath taking by Johnson with Jackie practically being forced to be present and to have removed her slain husband’s blood and brains from her face is missing at least one thing.

The “wink photo” proves that just after the oath, LBJ and Congressman Albert Thomas acknowledge each other with a wink on their successful assassination and coup. At least Albert can be seen winking as LBJ is turned to him. 

One thing the film gets right is that it shows Kennedy’s body being slammed backwards in the limo. The Gestapo Regime lied for 12 years and stated that the Zapruder film showed that Kennedy went forward in the limo.

Of course, the film doesn’t show what actually happened, namely that SS Agent William Greer first shot Gov. Connally and then killed President Kennedy.

And that from 5-10 feet away Jackie heard who had killed her husband. She then tried to get away and jump out the back of the limo, which was prevented by Agent Clint Hill.

The Gestapo Regime, and this worthless film, want people to believe that she was reaching for a piece of his skull. A big lie. His brains and blood were all over her and the limo.

The film also leaves out that Jackie knew LBJ was in on it and that he actually starting hitting on her soon afterwards.

Update: From the wink photo, we can gauge that Jackie, with averted vision, may even have seen what was going on with LBJ and Congressman Thomas. From that and much more, and from all the previous interactions with LBJ and JFK and that Kennedy was dropping LBJ from the 1964 ticket, and that  the Congress was investigating LBJ at that P.I.T., Jackie knew of LBJ’s involvement. Indeed below I have posted how JFK was blackmailed into having LBJ  as his running mate in 1960. There was much consternation in the Kennedy brothers about this. They would have to have known that assassination was at least a possibility from day one. Contrast all this with ludicrous books and films that pretend that Jackie or Bobby didn’t know who was involved. Jackie would have quickly told Bobby just where the fatal head shot came from and why she then tried to jump out of the car.


The Gestapo Regime and its Hollywood lackeys, and all the faux conspiracists, obviously need to keep lying about all this. The time for the people to have protested was the next day — Nov. 23, 1963 — not now regarding Trump, the latest imposter.

Of course, there is no statute of limitations on both murder and high treason…

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