On the Little Known Event of an Hysterical LBJ Hiding and Crying in the Bathroom of Air Force 1, Shortly After He & The US “Government” Killed President Kennedy

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Air Force Brigadier General Godfrey T. McHugh was Kennedy’s military aide and accompanied him to Dallas. A curious event occurred before the unnecessary swearing in of co-conspirator-assassin-traitor and new President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

In 1978, McHugh gave a taped interview at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. It was sealed until 2009. McHugh is said to have made similar statements a week earlier, to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. McHugh apparently said that once Kennedy’s body was back on board Air Force One, he did not know that Lyndon Johnson was also on board–thinking that he was aboard AF2, as he was on the way to Dallas.

As the story goes, Jackie was hot, caked with her husband’s blood and brains and wanted to leave, but something was holding things up. McHugh went to the pilot, AF Col. James Swindall, and ordered him to fly out, but was told that the new President told him not to at that point in time. Perhaps that had to do with waiting for federal judge Sarah Hughes.

McHugh then searched the entire plane for Johnson, but could not find him. He then checked the bathroom. Now I will quote a Huffington Post article by Steven M. Gillon which is quoting McHugh.

Here is the url: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/steven-m-gillon/a-new-wrinkle-in-the-jfk_b_339026.html

Note the 33 in the link.

Here’s the alleged quote from Gen. McHugh: “I walked in the toilet, in the powder room, and there he was hiding, with the curtain closed,” McHugh recalled. He claimed that LBJ was crying, “They’re going to get us all. It’s a plot. It’s a plot. It’s going to get us all.’” According to the General, Johnson “was hysterical, sitting down on the john there alone in this thing.”

For the record, I have not directly heard any of McHugh’s interviews. Steven M. Gillon, who is relaying the interview, is an author and university professor and the “official historian” at the History Channel. A brief search on Gillon fascinatingly reveals nothing on his biography, but that his works cite that the Apollo Program was real and that American astroNOTS walked on the moon. His works also tout the beginning of a strong central, federal US Govt defeating early rebellions, when IMO wise citizens soon realized the evil nature of the new federal government after the Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution—which didn’t even contain citizen’s rights, and so Amendments had to be added. So I wouldn’t trust Gillon. That’s, of course the problem in Gestapoland USA: all the MSM and nearly all online sites are controlled by the intel-Gestapo agencies.

Now getting back to Johnson, Robert Kennedy is quoted as saying that during the 1960 Democratic Convention, after wiser, liberal elements objected to LBJ as Kennedy’s running mate, he, RFK, was dispatched by his brother, to try to get Johnson to remove his name from the VP slot. I have elsewhere noted that Kennedy was apparently forced/blackmailed to accept LBJ as VP on the ticket by someone whose identity we still do not know. Robert Kennedy is alleged to have said that a crying, hysterical Johnson refused to withdraw his name.

Now let me discuss McHugh. MSM  accounts write him up as a good guy and that he stayed with the dead President’s body the whole time, even being at the autopsy. Maybe, but remember nearly the whole, rotten upper echelon of the US Gov’t was in on the Assassination…

Furthermore sources say the body was switched at some point in time. In William Manchester’s detritus book, Death of a President, I can recall him writing that several times, Jackie and maybe others remarked upon opening the casket, that “it didn’t look like him.” While the actions during an autopsy are alleged to have done that, we have the death stare autopsy photo of Kennedy with his intact face. So was Manchester telling us that Kennedy was not in the casket having been switched at some point in time?

So I don’t know about McHugh. I also note that the so-called “bagman” or military aide with the alleged “nuclear football” with nuclear launch codes is supposed to always be very near the President. Some allege that he was far back in the motorcade—if he was really in Dallas. Of course I have revealed that all that is a charade and that nukes are all under the control of our evil alien overlords. There is much more in my books.

The point of my making this post is finally at hand now. Whether it’s McHugh or Gillon, or someone else, falsely stating what LBJ said, I don’t believe for one minute what Johnson is alleged to have said about some unknown plot because he himself was an integral part of the plot and he knew who the other players were—or at least some of them.

I can believe he was crying and hysterical for several reasons. Perhaps one reason is the following. When Johnson or Lady Bird asked or told Jackie to change clothes, and wash away her husband’s blood and brains from her face, for the swearing in which was imminent, she said, “No, let them see what they have done.”

Perhaps backing her up at that moment were Kennedy’s assistants Kenneth O’Donnell and Dave Powers–who rode in the follow-up Secret Service limo and likely knew that Agent Greer killed the President. If the two did not know that first hand, Jackie probably told them. Maybe they even told LBJ or his Mrs. that the three of them would tell the world what really happened. At that point, LBJ retreated to the bathroom in hysterical panic. But subsequent to that, perhaps one of the Secret Service Assassins—perhaps Greer again–told them all to go along or their children would be killed.

Jackie partially acquiesced and washed her face but did not change her clothes the entire weekend.

Of course we have the infamous “wink photo” whereby two of the conspirator-assassins openly wink at each other  right in front of Jackie, just after the oath was taken. That was LBJ and Congressman Albert Thomas.

Another aspect is the swearing in. The PTB told Johnson to have that on board AF1 as they felt the need for false legitimacy for the new Gestapo Regime. LBJ is said to have phoned Attorney General Robert Kennedy for his legal advice on this. RFK then called his office and they told him that it wasn’t necessary as LBJ became president when Kennedy died and RFK called LBJ back and told him that. Nonetheless, Johnson would later lie and say that Robert Kennedy directed him to have that swearing in on the plane. When the plane landed in Washington D.C., Robert Kennedy is known to have boarded and rushed past Johnson without acknowledging him at all—which perturbed LBJ until the day Robert Kennedy was killed.

We also have the fascinating photo where Robert Kennedy almost gave it to Johnson at the White House. The photographer who took the photo said he overheard RFK say, “Why did you have my brother killed?” LBJ looks startled and frightened. On closer inspection, this photo looks doctored. Unlike what I saw years ago, it appears that extra fingers have been painted in to make it look like RFK’s hands were clasped. That was not in the original I saw years ago. The proper original is in books. The intel agencies put out their shills online who have only altered versions of photos or videos. This is like the recent addition of “the hands of Greer” painted on the steering wheel, when untouched Z frames show where his hands really were. See below posts.

Finally I repeat my writings that whoever claims that Johnson was in charge of the Assassination or the country for that matter is just another regime shill. I cite two things: Senator Yarborough stated that before any shots were fired in Dealey Plaza, LBJ threw himself to the floor of his limo. The saga about the Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood throwing LBJ down and jumping on top of him, is, in a word, FAKE. In other words, LBJ wasn’t certain that he wouldn’t be killed too.

Agent Youngblood, for going along with that lie, was rapidly promoted to Deputy Director of the SS. The other fact is that if LBJ were in charge of anything, he would not have bowed out; he would have run again in 1968, and made sure that he would win. Again, he was following orders from his CIA masters. Indeed I have pointed out that LBJ was tight with Richard Nixon as both were CIA NOCs. When Johnson found out in 1968 that Nixon was committing treason by talking directly with the North Vietnamese and telling them, he would give them a better deal at the Peace Talks on ending the Vietnam War, than Johnson would, LBJ could have had Nixon charged with treason. Or at least he could have made all that public guaranteeing his VP, Hubert Humphrey, victory and the presidency. But the PTB wanted Nixon, and LBJ sabotaged his own Vice President Humphrey. Of course after 11/22/63, they’re all shills pushing the same monstrous agenda for the same masters. Indeed I propose that in Gestapoland USA since Nov. 22, 1963, it may be that no one is allowed to become President unless they are a CIA agent [or perhaps other intel agency agent].

So the little known event of Lyndon Johnson cowering in a bathroom behind a curtain and hysterically crying on a toilet, was IMO because he thought for a moment that Jackie and maybe others would publicly proclaim his involvement in murder and high treason. He would then have been hung as he should have been.  If only…

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