On the Continuing Korean Charade

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I may not comment again on this ongoing charade. I’ve already posted that this is a possible pretense/flashpoint for an impending QE attempt. It will get ramped up when the PTB believe they might be able to do a successful QE [Quarantine Escape].

Recently Trump and other elements of the USA regime have put our numerous absurdities. These have included the following: Any North Korean missile launch that flies for a few miles or more is labeled as an ICBM or precursor to the same. Any explosion is labeled as a powerful nuke. Large American aircraft carriers are being placed off Korean waters—or being threatened by Trump to be placed there. Recently the federal regime has laughingly cited that Hawaii is now vulnerable to NK’s nuclear ICBMs. It reminds me of the American war on Vietnam. Communism had to contained, or else California might fall due to the domino effect. Nowadays, however, the USA Govt freely trades with the Communist Vietnamese nation.

Likewise the obvious charade of Chinese and Russian jets buzzing American jets continues. Again as we tumble down to 2033, IMO, a  QE attempt looms large and all these charades will grow larger and one or more may lead to full scale war. The N. Korean leader is just another British/American agent as are the leaders of all or nearly all nations.

It is sad to see how many in the British American Regime’s militaries and/or intel agencies are so ignorant or corrupt that they take part in what will lead to a QE attempt. All previous QE attempts have failed and have led to the partial or total annihilation of the present or previous hominid species.

The British American Regime is the enemy of every human being as their coming QE attempt again will likely lead to the annihilation of our species.

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