On the 16th Anniversary of the Assassination of Bill Cooper

Copyright November, 2017 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

November 5, 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the murder of true patriot Bill Cooper. Just as there should be a national holiday to celebrate the life of President Kennedy, there should be a national holiday to celebrate the life of Bill Cooper. President Kennedy would have awarded Cooper a Profiles in Courage award for risking his life to tell the People of the world who killed him, and who is in control on our planet.

Below I reprint what I wrote and posted here a year ago. Wake up before we are all assassinated.

The Essential Difference, and Nature, Of Bill Cooper

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Bill Cooper went around the USA for some 15 years showing how the Zapruder film proves Secret Service Agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. Of course this is NOT a crime. It is a truly patriotic thing to do.

Cooper first realized what the Zapruder showed while he was aboard a ship in the US Navy, serving as an intelligence officer. He described that his initial reaction was to go AWOL, but he soon returned.

His strong reaction no doubt was due to the following realization and thinking. Here he was, over 10,000 miles away from home and risking his life for his country. Or so he had been led to believe. Then he sees proof that the last legitimate and duly elected President was murdered by those now in power. The latter group and illegitimate, new President started the War that he was now risking his life for. Clearly it wasn’t “for his country.”

Soon after leaving the Service he was determined to tell his countrymen and-women what the Zapruder film shows. US Regime agents ran him off the road and he lost a leg. In 2001, a few weeks after 9/11, he was set up and had the back of his head shot into while he was kneeling and had surrendered peacefully. But they didn’t want the true patriot alive. Shoe prints reveal the Sheriff’s Deputies had stomped all over him.

He knew this was the likely outcome as he was terrorized by US Gestapo Agents for years and had sent his wife out of the country. Not long before his Assassination, US Gestapo Agents basically kidnapped his daughter who was about to see him for the first time in 15 years. They threatened to arrest her if she did not aid them against her father. She bravely refused and was released.

If the USA only had a few thousand more like Bill Cooper…

What is the difference, and the nature, of Bill Cooper? Why are there not more like him? Why are so many so gutless and/or brainless? In particular why are so many in the military and intel agencies so gutless and/or brainless? For one thing we have learned from the Milgram experiments that alas some ¾ of people will “blindly” obey authority figures, no matter how evil their instructions or directives are.

Cooper was obviously not in that 75%. He had a conscience and guts. Again he was perturbed to learn that it wasn’t for “defending his country” that he was fighting in Vietnam and risking his life. It was for an illegitimate and murderous cabal—that’s all that the so-called US Government is and has been since November 22, 1963. Cooper realized all this. He also knew that when he joined the military, he swore an oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies—foreign and domestic.”

We also know from The Nuremberg Tribunals that “following orders” cannot be used as an excuse to wage aggressive war. The War on Vietnam, and the subsequent wars waged by the US military abroad and at home, are all illegal.

If only we had more like Bill Cooper with brains and guts, in the military and intel agencies. Then some would come to aid me, instead of continuing to terrorize me and plot to kill me. I too have committed no crime by once publicly showing the Zapruder film with audio added. This proved that Greer fired twice, first hitting Connally, then killing President Kennedy. I used to say he accidentally shot Connally. But he was in the way…

Why don’t any good people come to my aid. For merely once showing the truth, I’ve been destroyed medically, psychologically ad financially. I’ve been brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned by CIA-Gestapo and FBI-Gestapo Agents.

Please help me now.

Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via michaelrings13@yahoo.com