On the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy—It’s Time for Justice

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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the last President of the United States. As I put it, by the last year or two of his life and of his presidency, he had become an enlightened being. See the video below, where in June, 1963 at the graduation ceremony of the American University he basically declared “Peace… not just in our time, but for all time…”

He knew full well that he would probably be killed for striving for peace.  I have said: “A real, live prince of peace briefly walked among us.”

His being taken from our species by the US “Government” was one of the worst moments in the history of our species. And as I have written in a post below, there will be hell to pay by our entire species for not striving to get justice for him—till the end of time on this planet.

The murder of President Kennedy was done directly by his Secret Service Driver, William Greer. But the entire federal gov’t is guilty of high treason and murder according to the US Constitution and also makes the federal regime an organized criminal enterprise according to the RICO statute. The illegal and illegitimate US Federal “Gov’t” particularly the Dept. of Justice risibly claims that Kennedy was fatally shot from behind by the patsy when we can see his body slammed backwards in the limo from the fatal head shot. Despite the inviolable Laws of Physics [here Conservation of Momentum], the regime claims he was shot from behind. Video of Asst WH Press Secretary Kilduff has him point above his right eye as that’s where the treating doctors told him the fatal bullet entered him. The Assassin, Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer was never charged.

The American regime went on to wage aggressive war around the world after his murder, starting with the war on Vietnam. War has been waged on American citizens since that day in November, 1963. There has been everything from the nuking of our largest city on 9/11/2001 to the brutal assault and then massive mercury poisoning of myself for committing the NON-crime of publicly stating that Greer killed President Kennedy after first shooting Gov. Connolly who was in the way.

Jackie then tried to jump out of the limo as she heard from 5-10 feet away who had killed her husband. The dastardly regime, including faux conspiracists, actually claim she was reaching for a piece of his skull…

It is never too late to get justice for John F. Kennedy. Indeed some of his murderers are still alive like GHW Bush who was right there in Dealy Plaza.

My previous post detailing the assassination is here:

On the 50th Anniversary of the Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

If the USA is a total Gestapo state, then an international tribunal, like the Nuremburg Tribunal needs to be set up.  The Zapruder film clearly shows Greer killed JFK. That he fired twice is even more evident when the audio from the motorcycle cop’s dictabelt is added to the video. So a Kennedy-Justice Tribunal needs to show the truth and to declare the US Regime guilty of murdering the Peace President, John Kennedy and to declare that the USA Regime is illegal and illegitimate. Sanctions against the American Regime must be imposed.

I also propose a $100 trillion lawsuit be initiated against the murderous regime and any and all surviving assassins. If the Kennedy family won’t start the lawsuit, it must be done in the name of the American People.

Each of you can do things to help bring about justice. Add a gif or something in your emails and communications that shows SS Agent Greer killing President Kennedy. Call for justice in all possible ways and venues.

Again there is no statute of limitations for murder or high treason. Demand Justice for this prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy now and for all time.

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