On “President Trump” and his Recent Press Conference and Deep Matters

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I won’t be doing this much longer, because the whole thing is a charade. But Trump’s first White House press conference makes things I’ve written even more clear.

He continues to prove how unintelligent and now mentally ill he is. I don’t state this for his denouncement of the press as they are all totally corrupt—and controlled by the same entities that control him! But some of his interactions with the “reporters” or “journalists” prove that he was too deranged to comprehend what they were saying.

First though it’s clear that he makes up easily provable lies and states them as some sort of great truths — all without bothering to check them out himself. The latter would not take long to do; but this is apparently beyond his ability or desire to do. As I’ve written before, he is the idiot son of a wealthy, connected, corrupt man, and he has only concerned himself with two things all his adult life: acquiring more money and p_ _ _ _.

So when Trump said he received more electoral votes than any other candidate since Reagan, a reporter called him out on that lie. His reply first was that he meant Republican, then when told that CIA Assassin/President, GHW Bush received more than him, he then simply said “that’s what I was told.” Again clearly it is too much work for him to check the few elections since Reagan.

Regarding firing his National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn, he owned up to that [which was not the first thing the WH put out days earlier], and said he fired him because he didn’t tell the whole truth to Vice President Pence. This is a very strange remark to me. It indicates that Pence may really be the President. Recall when imbecile GW [baby] Bush was President, there were many indications that Dick Cheney was really President. Of course, my books make clear that the entire US Regime — a wholly illegal and illegitimate “organized criminal enterprise” since Nov. 22, 1963 — is run directly by Britain’s MI6 and from there to the secret societies out of Rome and from there one more step to the ultimate evil on, or under, this planet.

Now when a Jewish reporter asked him about 48 events related to bomb threats against Jewish institutions recently, he prefaced his question by saying he knows that Trump’s grandchildren are being raised Jewish. Despite the reporter making clear that he wasn’t accusing Trump of being anti-Semitic, Trump interpreted it that way and bashed that reporter and went into a defensive rant about being the least anti-Semitic person etc… Again clearly Trump is either too stupid or too deranged to have understood that reporter.

When a black reporter asked him something re the Black Congressional Caucus, Trump replied that he’d like to meet with them and asked her to set it up. She replied with a “no” indicating that’s not her job. Again this shows what a simpleton he is. She’s black and they’re black so he asked that stupid question of her, when there’s supposed to be a whole Gov’t to arrange that.

It’s almost as if he is a hysteric — over-reacting to everything. For the record, his own physician said recently that he is on [at least] two drugs: a prostate drug which is also used for hair loss and an antibiotic drug for Rosacea. He may be reacting to either or both of these.

Trump still ranted about Hillary Clinton during his press conference. Perhaps because the truth may be that the PTB flipped some switches and gave him the election?

Now the PTB know his mentality. Putting him in front of the reporters to show how stupid and nearly deranged he is, must have been by design. I have long written that he never wanted the job, and I am sure he is not making any decisions.

In fact, here is my unique take on his bantering with the reporters: This is the only thing he can do! He is not in charge of anything, and is not really the President, unlike when he was allegedly overseeing his real estate empire — achieved by his “connections” as a top Freemason and CIA agent/asset, and not paying taxes and smaller companies, etc.

Going after the Press is about the only thing he may have the power to do.

As per the above, it’s just too much work for him to check any of his alleged facts before proclaiming them as great truths. He probably feels that he’s President now, doesn’t that mean whatever he says is true by fiat?

If you think the last assertion is unique, when the forced-to-resign ex-President Richard Nixon was questioned about illegal acts he ordered to be done, Nixon replied that “…when the President does it, that means it’s not illegal”. [This was in an interview with David Frost.] So we see the kind of mentality all the criminals in the White House since Nov. 22, 1963 have shared.

A while earlier, the press reported that while speaking to President Putin as US President, Trump knew nothing about the New START Nuclear Arms Treaty when Putin brought it up. All this is fodder for possible future actions against Trump about endangering the USA.

Also at the recent presser, Trump denounced Hillary again for “giving 20% of US Uranium to Russia.” You can check all that yourself as it’s inaccurate in several ways. But it also indicates deep chicanery on the Clintons parts as well as the ultimate PTB. A few years ago, a Canadian company which owned Uranium mines in the USA was bought by Russia’s Russatom Company. Secretary of State Clinton and some 8 or 9 other US Gov’t agencies approved the deal. Subsequently, some $31 million dollars was donated to the Clinton Foundation by Russians and Bill Clinton received a $500,000 check for a speech in Russia.

Obviously the two Clintons — both long-term evil CIA NOC agents — are totally corrupt, as is their Foundation.

Naturally the head of that Canadian Company, Uranium One, Ian Telfer, was born in Great Britain…

NY Times had reported, “the national security issue at stake in the Uranium One deal was not primarily about nuclear weapons proliferation; the United States and Russia had for years cooperated on that front, with Russia sending enriched fuel from decommissioned warheads to be used in American nuclear power plants in return for raw uranium.” https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html

Again proving how all the adversaries are under a single overarching control allowing for Uranium for nuclear arms and/or reactors to pass through international checks unbridled, when the PTB want this.

This of course was how the USSR acquired nuclear bombs in the first place. The British agent, physicist Dr. Klaus Fuchs passed nuclear secrets to the USSR when he was invited to the Manhattan Project by the Americans. Despite the later public story, that showed the British control of all nuclear matters as only I write about. That was all for the coming Cold War whose 50,000 nukes and ICBMs were all about planned Quarantine Escape for our evil alien overlords.

But back now to the recent presser. Trump, when denouncing Clinton and the 20% Uranium gift to Russia, told the reporters “I know about Uranium… it’s nuclear” and its purpose is “bad”. More baby talk regarding matters on the very fate of our species…

All the above may indicate that the PTB are setting things up for Trump’s resignation or impeachment. Or else perhaps they put him out there in front of the Press for their own amusement? Like having the “First Lady” being a man as that fact cost Joan Rivers her life regarding the Obamas. Could that amusement happen again…?

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