Hitler Was A British Agent, So Was Mussolini, Stalin…and Yes, Roosevelt Too

Copyright 2012   Anonymous Physicist

The book, Hitler Was A British Agent was a fascinating, if disjointed read. The authors, including former agent and current New Zealander, Greg Hallett detail Hitler’s indoctrination, rape and torture at London’s Tavistock Institute in the early 20th Century—with Stalin having been there a few years earlier. The future World Leaders and World War II creators.

Yes, this means all the horrors that happened during the Nazi reign are directly the work of London. My books detail many hidden things in this regard. More widely known are the strange events such as Hitler flying in his number two, Rudolf Hess, into Scotland during the war (likely to get instructions), the Germans allowing hundreds of thousands of Brits to escape at Dunkirk, when they could have been captured or killed for several days. Those are just a few of the publicly known events that are explained by Hitler being a British agent. The whole farce of saying that the Allies duped the Germans into being elsewhere on D-Day is very funny. The truth is Hitler took his forces away from the landing areas on the orders of his British masters. My books have many remarkable explanations of WWII events found nowhere else.

I attempted a dialog with one of the authors of Hitler Was A British Agent years ago, about the German Nazi nuclear bomb program, but he wasn’t interested. An additional fascinating read is the book, The Hidden Hitler. It is written by a standard German historian—at least before this book came out. Great documentation throughout here. It even shows how the British Gov’t and press knew, and kept it hidden as well, even though publicly revealing it at the time could have led to his ouster. 

And in case you doubt these things, British intel has publicly admitted that Mussolini was a British Agent. I trust you won’t believe that they ended that relationship, because it doesn’t even end after death, as they often use deathbed confessions for nefarious purposes as well.


FDR’s roots to England and many specific acts and hidden treaties—including the secret nuclear pacts between the US and the UK—are detailed in my books.

How very different is real history, and who controls humanity, from what is in the history  books and the press at the time.