Did author Michael Wolff Give Himself Away as a British Agent?

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Michael Wolff, in an interview, with the British newspapaper DailyMail, appears to have revealed his masters. See the above link. As background, my four books reveal how Britain controls the USA, and the world. Its intel[-Gestapo] agencies, CIA & GCHQ, control the CIA & NSA—as well as all other intel agencies on the planet. The UK controls Hollywood, the American press—books, science journals, newspapers, etc. Many presidents were British Agents from Wilson, the Roosevelts, the Bushs and more. So were Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin and Kruschev. See here where MI5  freely admitted that Mussolini “was” their agent.


So much for who controlled both sides in WWII.

I have revealed that the US nuclear arsenal has been under British control since day one, and all nukings—including the World Trade Center—were ordered by British intel-Gestapo agencies. (All the fake online conspiracists reveal their British master when they try to pin it on Mossad, etc. The Israeli regime is also under British and Freemason control.) The British control of American nukes is why the BBC [MI5/6] had its TV presenter say that Building 7 went down before it actually did on 9/11. MI5/6 were sure their replacement nukes went off as scheduled, but they fizzled as the first one[s] did.

Author Michael Wolff’s absurd [to me] interview with the DailyMail is telling. It appears to all be his own opinion, and not from any revelation from any real or fake interview from White House [WH] advisors or aides. That alone is a giveaway to me. Wolff claims that Trump will be “resentful” if he is not invited to “Prince” Harry’s “royal” wedding in May to American Meghan Markle.

The article goes on with such claims by Wolff that this will effect US-UK relations, and Brexit. Wolff’s absurd claims are part of a longstanding MI6 Op-plan to get Americans to care about the “royal” family. Most Americans couldn’t care less about them. Only those swayed by the longterm massive PsyOp might. Indeed many Brits are not happy about their country retaining the “royals” and giving them special status and many billions of dollars [or pounds]—some say the aount is in the trillions. Their Parliamant remains absurd with a House of “Commons” and a House of “Lords.” Of course, the European “Royals” supposedly were placed in power because of their “bloodline.” Their DNA supposedly has more DNA of the quarantined aliens in charge, and who created us, than the rest of us “commoners” do.

Getting back to Wolff–who may have revealed himself to be MI6-controlled by this interview–now also allegedly stated that the Queen will be “Trumpalized” by the Donald. Note Trump named his youngest son, Baron, a “royal” title.

The article goes on with Wolff allegedly stating that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a secret visit to the White House and told President Trump that MI6 was spying on him. Of course, if the spying was electronic, it would be the GCHQ not MI6. Blair denied last week that he told Trump about MI6 spying.

I wrote that Wolff “allegedly” told the DailyMail [DM] these things because if he’s under MI5/6 control, as the DM is, then there’s no need to actually do the interview. Just have an MI5/6  agent write it up and send it to the DM with a copy to Wolff and possibly to Trump or his controllers. IMO, that’s probably what happened. And probably how much of the news is published as the virtual totality of the MSM and the internet media are both under the control of the intel-Gestapo agencies. Aybe this is part of why Trump rants about “fake news.” He knows this. Of course he only states that when a media outlet says something derogatory about him. Also left out is that most ofwhat he says is a lie too, as he’s just another CIA/Freemason front. As revealed by me, he’s revealed himself many times, from his claim that Forbes had it wrong and that he wasn’t worth $2 billion dollars; he said he’s worth $3.3 billion [naturally] and his first official task less than a day after his inauguration was to visit his masters at the monstrous CIA[-Gestapo headquarters.

The point here again is that this absurd article is part of the longstanding MI5/6 Op-plan to get the American people to care about the British “royals” as the UK regime controls the American regime and bleeds it dry through the intel[-Gestapo] agencies. Wolff, with this article and alleged and absurd interview appears to have revealed his masters, and thus loses much credibility. His book, and all the hoopla about it, are probably just more distractions from the People ever finding out about the real issues they should be concerned about. This includes who’s really in charge and what is their hidden agenda, as revealed by me.

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