Deutschland, and Lately the USA, Über Alles

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Under the German Nazi Regime, their worldview was identical to words that were in their national anthem at that time: Deutschland Über Alles. It means Germany over everyone [else]. That philosophy was used by the Nazi Regime to justify invading and occupying other countries throughout Europe.

We should never forget that the Nazis were implanted in Germany, we now know, by Britain’s MI6, the Vatican, the Jesuits and ultimately was the design of the quarantined aliens pulling the strings on our species since day one. Indeed my books reveal, their beloved “Aryan race” was not something esoteric. It refers to the desire of the quarantined aliens to return to their home which is in Orion. Aryan refers to Orion.

Now when he was in the dock accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Tribunal, Hermann Göring had an interesting reply to his Allied accusers/prosecutors. Göring, at one point, was Hitler’s #2. When he and the top Nazi hierarchy were accused of burning down their main, huge Gov’t building, the Reichstag, and blaming it on terrorists and Communists to justify waging aggressive war on other countries, Goring replied, “Your country does the same thing.”

Now many last week thought that President Trump’s U.N.  address was absurd, as he talked about who the USA intends to wage war on, and he justified it with the usual labeling of these future victims and countries  as “terrorists” etc. Now while, Trump speaks in simple terms that make things often obvious and absurd, his recent predecessors spoke and acted similarly.

I found it sickening that when Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize, his acceptance speech called basically for perennial war on the USA’s enemies as they are “terrorists.” Similarly GW Bush, after 9/11/01, has waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan, when in fact, 9/11 was an event I have proven to have been the USA Gov’t setting off numerous small nuclear fission bombs on its own largest city with the resultant China Syndrome Aftermath for some six months at “ground zero.”

There was one major difference. When the Nazi Gov’t burned down their own Reichstag Building, they did it in the middle of the night and IIRC, not one person was killed when they blamed it on a “lone nut Communist.” But when the USA [Nazi] Regime nuked its own largest city’s huge building complex some 2700 people were killed; some 1100 were so completely vaporized [only nuking can explain this] that no strand of DNA was ever found for them.

A similar number of people were killed at Pearl Harbor in December 1941, when we know with certainty that the USA intercepted communications and could have destroyed the Japanese fleet days earlier. Likewise a radar operator tried to warn everyone after observing Japanese planes approaching, but he was deliberately ignored by orders from on high. Indeed at a deeper level, the Japanese Gov’t and military brass itself were earlier implanted by Jesuits and others for the planned world wars. Alas there is only one overarching and monstrous force on and under the surface of this planet, and they control all governments.

So Bush II, Obama and now Trump claim America Über Alles, or a right to wage aggressive war on who they proclaim as “terrorists”, when the only terrorists in the world are the regimes of the USA and its master, the U.K.  Any other terrorists are intel agents working for one or both regimes’ intel agencies.

America Über Alles should be opposed by every human being on the planet. Ultimately, it’s just a ruse in the build-up to an imminent QE attempt, which will likely spell doom for our entire species.

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