Catching up on President Trump

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I forced myself to watch the inauguration. Trump flubbed his own name, which apparently only I can explain. When the so-called Chief Justice asked him to repeat after him, “I Donald John Trump do solemnly swear…”

Trump then said, “I Jonald John Trump…” He was visibly shaking like a leaf.

Now for my unique explanation. Trump has a severe phobia for public speaking. But he’s had treatment from psychologists and hypnotherapists. He’s been conditioned to relax when he puts his thumb and forefinger together—which he does all the time when speaking publicly. But he couldn’t do this then as one hand was on a bible and the other was held up flatly. Hence the shaking and flubbing his own name.

Then his speech was childish and could have been written by an eight year old. He obviously is someone of no more than average intelligence at best. He’s just the semi-idiot son of a very rich man. Probably both generations were made that way by the PTB as they are/were likely high level freemasons. DJT apparently has always paid little or no taxes and gotten away with it.

His childish, inaugural speech called for war on Islamo-terrorists and such. Of course, it’s nothing different from his recent predecessors. It’s just that Trump is ordered to state everything very simply, or should I write “simpletonly”, and bluntly. As per the above, this comes naturally for him.

Within hours of the inauguration, Trump and his gang claimed they had far more people at the inauguration than photos proved that he had. He and his people denounced the media, and he basically said that whatever he, the new President, says is by fiat the truth, regardless of what anyone else or physical evidence proves occurred.

Now the MSM made a big thing of this, but to me, this pales in comparison to what every so-called President and Administration has said and done since Nov. 22, 1963. They all support the Big Lie that Oswald killed President Kennedy. But as I have pointed out since Kennedy’s body is slammed back in the limo [from Secret Service Agent/driver William Greer’s shot] and Oswald was behind JFK, the Gov’t’s official version violates the inviolable Laws of Physics — here Conservation of Momentum. So every president is blatantly lying and EACH ONE is guilty of high treason. So again to me, there is nothing really new about an always lying American President. Trump is just more simple and blunt with his lies.

Trump’s first official visit, in less than 24 hours as President, was his morning visit to the CIA-Gestapo Agency HQ. The public reason and what he said are meaningless. What is important is that he was telling the world that he is an agent or asset of the CIA-Gestapo Agency, just like his former “opponent.”

At a ball on the night of his first day in office, he asked everyone to stand and applaud the two [evil] Clintons who he then praised. Obviously Trump will never have Hillary charged or convicted for her many crimes she did as Secretary of State—thus betraying another election promise.

Curiously Trump has apparently stopped dyeing his hair blond, as it is nearly white now. The same seems to be holding true of his counsel, Ms. Conway.

Of course his first week or so has been filled with planned controversies. These included banning Muslims from numerous countries from entering the USA. Christians are exempted. Just a day or two ago, a federal Judge stayed the immigration ban for now. Then Trump is taking steps regarding building the Wall at the Mexican border. His own party members in the Congress indicated that they may not vote for the $15 billion enterprise. The Mexican leader again stated his country will not pay for that and cancelled his impending visit to Washington, DC.

Some European leaders have denounced Trump, with at least one labeling him as a terrorist. Trump allegedly insulted the Australian President during a phone call and hung up on him.

Update: I left out the following: Trump’s presidency may be illegal from the getgo. I am not a Constitutional attorney, but by federal law all Presidents-elect must divest themselves of their stock holdings to an impartial overseer for the duration of his/her term. This needs to be done before being sworn in. Trump has made it known that he is not obeying this law. He has his son and others related to him, via family or business, overseeing his holdings. This is a clear cut violation of federal law. This is unethical and may be illegal. The Congress and Supreme Court are allowing this to go on. Once again, when the PTB want some miscreant to be President of the Gestapo American State, nothing apparently gets in the way — be it a living, current President or any law.

It’s all a charade and all the world leaders are in on it.

Some things Trump is doing may be good. We will see how things pan out. He appointed JFK’s nephew, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. to head a vaccine safety investigating committee. RFK Jr, is a vocal anti-vaccine spokesman. We will see how that ends up.

Ultimately, I’ve written, that presidents are [s]elected solely for their sworn obedience to launch a QE attempt when ordered—to be followed by the extermination of our species when the Quarantiners prevent QE. Something the last legitimate President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, would never have done.

The current Administration is as illegitimate and illegal as all the others since 12:30 PM on Nov. 22, 1963.

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