BREAKING NEWS: The Father of the Las Vegas Alleged Shooter/Patsy, Stephen Craig Paddock, Was Probable FBI Cointelpro Agent or Asset

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As you probably know, late on Sunday, October 1, 2017, a shooter or shooters shot from the 32nd floor [1 less than the coveted 33] of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and [so far] killed 59 people and injured another 527. Video clips contain the audio of several rapid-fire automatic rifle bursts. The alleged shooter allegedly shot and killed himself as law enforcement were storming his room.

The alleged shooter–and IMO a probable patsy–was 64 year old Stephen Craig Paddock of nearby Mesquite, NV. The MSM are now trumpeting that he was a millionaire who liked to hunt and owned several handguns. The FBI and local police admit that have yet to find [or invent] a motive for Paddock committing the heinous crime. It is very difficult to get unlicensed automatic rifles, except for Law Enforcement.

The media quickly found one of his brothers, Eric, in Florida and interviewed him. He acted very strangely during the short interview. He says he is “dumbfounded”, as his brother never gave any indication that he would or could do such a thing. He said his brother had no political or religious affiliations.



Given all that, IMO it is likely that he is “just a patsy” to use Lee Harvey Oswald’s words after he was arrested. Oswald further said that he “didn’t shoot anybody” referring to both Dallas PD officer JD Tippit and President Kennedy. Oswald himself was a CIA and/or ONI agent that the American Gestapo Regime had controlled since he was a child given over by his mother.

Similarly, my 4th book contains chapters on the 1. Aurora, CO and 2. Sandy Hook, CT mass shootings. In those cases, I detailed that a patsy was either 1. drugged or 2. Shot, and his body was brought to the scene to be the alleged shooter. In the Aurora mass shooting, the drugged patsy’s father worked on secret projects for the US Defense Dept.

This brings me to Paddock’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock [BHP]. Upon reading sketchy details of his biography, I conclude that BHP [1926-1998] probably was a US Gov’t Intel Asset and/or high level Freemason. Most likely he was an FBI-Gestapo Agency Cointelpro Asset.

In more detail now. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was convicted for robbing several banks in Arizona in 1960. In that year, while resisting arrest, he tried to run over an FBI agent. He received a 20 year sentence in federal prison in Anthony, TX, but escaped in 1969. He went on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List from 1969-1977. The FBI had him listed as a “diagnosed psychopath with suicidal tendencies.” [The last aspect means they considered killing him.] The poster was signed by J Edgar Hoover, FBI-Gestapo Director. By 1977 he is known to have managed Bingo games in Oregon. He was arrested in 1978 and sent back to federal prison with an additional 2 year sentence. 

Now strangely, he was paroled the next year, 1979. So it appears that he served only 8 of his original 20 year sentence and did not serve  the full 2 years additional for the escape. And Wikipedia [CIA] leaves out much of this.

In 1987, the Oregon Attorney General’s Office filed seven racketeering charges against Paddock related to his bingo operation. He was also charged with rolling back car odometers. Though he faced lengthy jail time, the judge let him off with only a fine of $100,000, and I believe restitution of $623,000. Those sums give an indication of how much money he made or had. Indeed I wonder if upon his death, his sons inherited much money.

Let’s backtrack to 1977. Six months after the prison escape, Paddock was involved in an armed robbery at a San Francisco bank. In September 1978, he was awaiting trial related to charges from that event. Again details are sketchy in all articles about him, but it appears that he was just paroled despite the new bank robbery. Again he apparently was allowed to go to Springfield, Oregon to commence his illegal bingo operations there for 9 years, under the alias of Bruce Werner Ericksen. He is said to have disguised himself well between 1977 and 1987.

He pleaded no contest to the odometer case, while claiming he had cancer. Circuit Judge George Woodrich decided to let Paddock off with a $100,000 fine and no jail time. That judge said, “He could be conning everybody, but this is an economic crime and he’s an old man… My view is let him go… and good riddance.” Paddock then went back to Texas and lived there until his death in 1998.


Now when we have federal and state judges letting him off and even paroling him on his original bank robberies, the new SF bank robbery and the sketchy details on Wiki and the MSM reports, it is clear to me that Papa Paddock was either/both a high level freemason or that the FBI-Gestapo ordered his release[s] and incorporated him into their Cointelpro program. The FBI-Gestapo loves to use convicted con men to entrap good and innocent people in Gestapoland USA. They’ve sent several people they let out of jail to try and entrap me.

Being an intel agent or asset is often a generational thing. And the son, Stephen Craig Paddock may have had an easy life being a hidden Federal Asset. The downside is that sometimes they end up doing horrible things to these federal assets—or their children.

Notice how Stephen’s brother did not simply say his brother didn’t do it and that he’s “just a patsy.” IMO again, he knows… Did the FBI-Gestapo threaten him to go along or else he’ll be next?

The politcos like Hillary quickly clamored for trashing the 2nd Amendment. Actress/Scientologist Kirstie Alley soon tweeted that most of these shooters were on anti-depressants. While that may be true, there’s been nothing from the MSM  that that’s the case  with Paddock. So that’s telling too… President Donald [“I know uranium…it’s nuclear… and it’s bad”] Trump tweeted his “warmest condolences.” That’s sounds “bad” and perhaps he meant to say “deepest” but he is a dotard.

The event itself is another mass murder by the federal regime on its own people who need to wake up before they kill us all in the coming QE attempt. The federal regime wants to make it easier for themselves by trying to first ban guns from the People.

In conclusion, Stephen Craig Paddock probably did not shoot anybody on October 1, 2017. He was probably killed before the shootings began, by those doing the shooting.

He was selected by the federal Gestapo regime in its never ending mass shootings to try to void the second amendment to the US Constitution.

Will the American People resist the total Gestapoization of the Country?

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