Alex Jones Divorce—“He’s Just An Actor,” A “Performance Artist”

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Last month, fake conspiracy “expert” Alex Jones was sued by his wife, or ex-wife. She wants custody of their three children. She cited that Jones broadcasts from home and has threatened people in his broadcasts and is a danger to their children. Jones’s attorney then stated that it’s all an act and that Jones is just a “performance artist.”

Of course some of us knew this since 2000 when Bill Cooper denounced Jones as a fraud.  Nowadays Jones gets on TV often proving he’s in cahoots with the PTB. On the morning after Bill Cooper was assassinated by FBI and CIA led Sheriff’s deputies, Jones did a totally corrupt broadcast which aired Cooper’s enemies who were involved in his murder. Not once did the broadcast cite that Cooper—for 15 years—went around the USA showing the Zapruder film and proving that SS Agent/Driver William Greer killed President Kennedy.

More recently, people who don’t order my 4 books, actually believe the absurdity that Trump is not part of the same cabal that Hillary Clinton is part of. Jones has promulgated the ludicrous lie that Trump is independent and will do good things.

As predicted here, the very night of his inauguration, Trump, at a ball, asked everyone to stand up and applaud the 2 Clintons, calling them “good people.” Even before his swearing in, he let it be known that he was dropping his promise to investigate and charge her with the many federal crimes she has committed.

I have succinctly stated that the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 showed that the PTB will not allow anyone not approved by the secret societies/intel agencies to even run for the presidency.

Trump’s first visit, within his first 24 hours as President, was to his masters at CIA HQ.

It is amazing to me that anyone can believe Jones regarding Trump or anything else; or even without Jones, that anyone believes anything that Trump says.

Jones as performance artist was cited here:
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