A Special Place in Infamy. Part II. The US Congress and the Supreme Court on November 22, 1963, and to this Day.

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Leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy, one or more Congressional Committes were investigating Lyndon Johnson for fraud and other malfeasance. They may even have known of his involvement in the murder of US Agriculture Dept. investigator, Henry Marshall. He went to Texas in 1961 to investigate LBJ when he was shot and killed.

That Johnson was an evil creature of the CIA, the FBI and big oil, and was on the take, was well known to many in Congress. They all knew the new/old regime killed President Kennedy. Indeed many in Congress, the military brass, even Kennedy’s own Cabinet knew in advance what was soon to take place. Below, I proved that Senator Hubert Humphrey was involved in the Kennedy Assassination.

They all knew that it had nothing to do with “Communists”, Mafia, and that Oswald was “just a patsy.” There was briefly talk in the Congress of them doing their own investigation.

But they chickened out and let one of the murderers—new fake President Lyndon Johnson—create and run the fake investigation known as the Warren Commission. It’s members included Congressman [and future president] Gerald Ford, Congressman Hale Boggs, Senators Richard Russell and John Sherman Cooper. Of course Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren was the Chairman. Other members included former CIA Director Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy. Kennedy had fired Dulles, and 33rd degree Freemason McCloy freed numerous Nuremberg Tribunal murder-convicted Nazis, when he “ran” Germany after WWII.

To his credit, Senator Russell—who had been LBJ’s mentor when he first arrived in the Senate—refused to sign the Warren Report [WR]. Some reports say that LBJ then forced Russell to sign. Others say that he never signed and that his signature was forged. I believe the latter.

While Russell deserves some credit for this, if then behooved him to publicly act on his knowledge that the WR was a cruel hoax. He did not. Congressman Boggs also stated objections while on the Commission. He later denounced J Edgar Hoover and the WR. His plane went missing over Alaska in an Op that involved his chauffeur, and future President Clinton.

The ludicrous Warren Commission is well known to have been totally corrupt and was run by the FBI and CIA. Witnesses were intimidated or halted in their testimony or had their testimony fabricated. Some refused to sign their affidavits, and said their signatures were forged. Many of the best witnesses to Greer’s murdering Kennedy, such as Dallas motorcycle cops, were never called. Jack Ruby’s pleas to tell them everything at a safer location were denied. The FBI and CIA first processed all the evidence before giving it to the Commission.  

Chairman Earl Warren, as California Governor, was well known to have incarcerated Japanese-American citizens in concentration-like camps during WWII, that the US Gov’t later apologized for.

The ludicrous—and physically impossible—conclusion in the WR is that, without any motive, the lone nut, Communist Lee Harvey Oswald, whose military record’s showed to have been a poor marksman, fired three bullets from an old weak bolt action rifle faster than anyone could duplicate, through trees, and that a single magic bullet which would be “found” without any deformations, smashed into several bones of Kennedy and then Connally and made several turns on its own—another violation of the Laws of Physics.

That the WR is fiction later led to two more fake investigations. First was the Rockefeller Commission. For his collusion on that, Ronald Reagan was later made President. The later House Assassinations Committee, in the late 1970s, did conclude that there was a conspiracy and that “Oswald was not alone.” They used a DPD motorcycle cop’s Dictaphone recording to conclude “another shooter” acted. They all knew Secret Service Agent/Driver, William Greer, not Oswald, killed President Kennedy.

Note that the initial attorney and chairman of the House Assassinations Committee may have been genuine. but the CIA-controlled so-called government were able to dismiss them and install lackeys. The initial chairman, Henry Gonzalez, was Kennedy’s friend and it’s too bad he was kicked off.

So the US Congress dropped their own ongoing investigation into LBJ, instead of massively widening it. Johnson was never forced to testify under oath, as the Congress should have demanded given what they already knew and given who benefitted.

Since the Congress did nothing, the third branch of the Government, the Supreme Court, should have done something since killing the President and installing a new form of government is clearly unconstitutional.

They all swore oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

There is a special place in infamy for the US Congress and the Supreme Court, whose members did nothing on November 22, 1963 and forward to this very day.

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