A Special Place in Infamy for President Kennedy’s Treasonous and Assassinating Joint Chiefs of Staff

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President Kennedy had some evil set of monsters as his Pentagon Joint Chiefs [JC]. The Joint Chiefs are, or were, the heads of the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and a Chairman of the group. His first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was Army General Lyman Lemnitzer. His “brainchild,” Operation Northwoods, is somewhat known. He presented this to President Kennedy in 1961 or 1962 for his approval. It called for false flag attacks by American military or intel agents that would be blamed on Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. It included the killing of Astronaut John Glenn at the launch pad, the downing of a civilian airliner, blowing up a ship docked at US base at Guantanamo and other sabotage. Something similar had already been done, in 1898, to the USS Maine that led to the US War on Cuba, Spain and the Philippines.

Operation Northwoods was to lead to the US invasion of Cuba. It was also part of a larger Pentagon plan that the Joint Chiefs had a scenario for President Kennedy to approve that called for the US to launch all out pre-emptive nuclear war on the USSR and China—“because in a few years, they will have nuclear parity, and we can’t do it then.”
President Kennedy refused all such initiatives. He left one meeting apparently in some shock and disgust and said, “And they call themselves human beings.”

Of course, only I write of the “ultimate level” behind all this. Such a “pre-emptive” nuclear attack was really for QE [Quarantine Escape] and shows that JFK was prescient in that these evil Joint Chiefs were ultimately making those horrific plans on behalf of our monstrous alien overlords trying to escape their Quarantine! Oh how Kennedy would have appreciated knowing this ultimate truth.


Kennedy kicked Gen. Lemnitzer off the JC and appointed Gen. Maxwell Taylor as the new JC Chairman.

Throughout the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Joint Chiefs urged JFK to invade Cuba, and if that led to Soviet retaliation and global nuclear war—and the deaths of hundreds of millions of humans, including Americans—that was fine with them. Kennedy resisted and even had his brother Robert, the Attorney General, tell Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin to relay to Premier Khrushchev the urgency of agreeing to remove Soviet missiles in Cuba, as the Kennedys couldn’t guarantee that the Pentagon Chiefs could be held back much longer from leading a coup or such.

It’s not well known how the Joint Chiefs reacted to the peaceful solution to the crisis. While much of the world celebrated a peaceful solution that averted global nuclear war, the Joint Chiefs, at a meeting, gave President Kennedy a verbal thrashing. Most vociferous was Air Force General Curtis LeMay. He told Kennedy that he had just perpetrated the “worst defeat in US military history.” The others signed on to this thrashing, and the audio tapes that JFK secretly had turned on are said to include him stuttering in response.

Earlier during the crisis, JFK left the tape on after leaving his office. He soon after listened to the Joint Chiefs apparently making treasonous remarks, the details of which I do not have.

In 1963, the Joint Chiefs were: Marine Corps General David Shoup; Army General Earle Wheeler; Air Force General Curtis LeMay,; Navy Admiral George Anderson and Chairman General Maxwell Taylor. They got their victory over President Kennedy—and the People of the USA and the world—on November 22, 1963. They met in Hawaii and disobeyed his order to return the first 1000 military advisors while Kennedy was still alive. They should all be posthumously charged with High Treason and murder. Indeed in 1962, when JFK first gave away that he would never have a full blown war in Vietnam, they sent him a memo declaring that it “was against US policy” not to have the Vietnam War. That too IMO is treasonous as US foreign and military policy is set by the President, according to the Constitution.

Of course, we’ve had the War on Vietnam and perennial war since then. We’ve had the false flag Op of 9/11/01 where only I proved that the American Regime nuked the World Trade Center in NYC, and the China Syndrome therein resulted. This false flag Op was used to brazenly terminate Americans’ Constitutional Rights [the “Patriot Act”] and to illegally wage aggressive war around the world. Trillions of dollars have been spent on nukes, ICBMs, other WMD, and the evil intel agencies.

Update: Air Force General Curtis LeMay is now known for some of his rabid behavior, and also for being in charge of firebombing Japanese cities with then Col. Robert McNamara as his assistant. Up to 1 million civilians were said to have been annihilated that way. McNamara said at the time, that if the USA lost WWII, they’d be prosecuted as war criminals. 18 years later their relative roles were reversed with McNamara being JFK’s Secretary of Defense.

McNamara would later immediately flash a broad smile whenever Kennedy’s name was mentioned–near proof of both his foreknowledge and CIA shrink behavioral modification to try to prevent guilty behavior.

How JFK came to pick these admitted mass murderers, especially LeMay, is a mystery to me. Was he forced in some way? This would be analogous to how his Secretary Evelyn Lincoln says she witnessed JFK being forced and possibly blackmailed to pick LBJ as his VP running mate.
But it shows how those ultimately in charge want proven mass murderers at the military helm. Their reasoning seems clear to me: Those who had no compunction to kill a million human beings wouldn’t have any again to kill a billion or more in what ultimately would be a QE event—true traitors to their species, and likely 33rd degree freemasons or such. They are pure evil and were involved in killing President Kennedy—a real live prince of peace—who would never order the launching of the USA’s nuclear arsenal. That is unlike all who have succeeded him.

In 1975, then President Ford appointed Gen. Lemnitzer to the second totally corrupt US Gov’t Commission on the Kennedy Assassination. This was the so-called Rockefeller Commission whose actual name was the United States President’s Commission on CIA. Activities within the United States. It was formed in response to many Americans realizing that the Warren Commission [WC] was a cruel hoax. The Rockefeller Commission included Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Gen Lemnitzer, future President Ronald Reagan, JFK’s Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon, former WC attorney David W. Belin, Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., John T. Connor, Erwin N. Griswold, and Lane Kirkland. They are all guilty of High Treason and numerous other crimes for their usual conclusion that you can imagine—the lone, nut Communist did it.

Note that at the time of Kennedy’s Assassination, his brother, Attorney General [AG] Robert Kennedy was trying to change federal law and place the Secret Service under the aegis of the Attorney General [like the FBI, e.g.], instead of being under the control of the Treasury Secretary, then Douglas Dillon. You can gauge my implication as we know that Secret Service Agent/Driver, William Greer killed President Kennedy. JFK had tasked his brother with 1. Trying to find out who was really in control of the US Federal Gov’t after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and 2. Trying to keep him alive, with all the change and the good he was trying to do.

As an aside, Gen. Lemnitzer was a graduate of The United States Army War College (USAWC). This College is one place where Colonels are trained or indoctrinated for future top military and gov’t positions. Wikipedia’s page on the [opening of] this entity includes: “.…[President] Theodore Roosevelt attended the Masonic laying of the cornerstone of Roosevelt Hall on 21 February 1903.” Yes, the whole upper echelon of the US Regime, in particular, the US Military are all sworn freemasons and/or other secret society creatures. That is how presidents can easily get assassinated and the criminals can get away with it. These individuals sworn oath to the Constitution is obviated—to them—by their earlier oaths to freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Knights Malta, etc.

But again it’s all High Treason under the Law. President Kennedy’s Joint Chiefs deserve a place in infamy for their treason and conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.

You can be sure that all the future Joint Chiefs have had and will have the same goal of QE, and upon failure again, the extermination of our species, as has occurred several times to previous hominid species during the last tens of thousands of years. Humanity should know this and resist our impending total destruction.

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