A Special Place in Infamy. Part I. All the Fake Journalists at the Parkland Hospital Press Conference at 13:30 on November 22, 1963

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At about 1:30 PM, at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Asst White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff told, and showed, all the “journalists” present what the treating doctors told and showed him. He said that they told him it “was a simple matter”, that President Kennedy was shot in the brain from a bullet that entered above his right eye.

So all these fake journalists are now given a special place in infamy as not one reported/revealed to the public what they were told by Kilduff when the new Gestapo regime shortly after the press conference—and to this day—claims that Oswald from behind fired the fatal head shot.

We know that the patsy Oswald, himself an ONI or CIA agent, was in the second floor and also by the inviolable  Laws of Physics [Conservation of Momentum], no one from behind the limo could have fired the fatal head shot as Kennedy is violently slammed back in the limo from Agent Greer’s bullet hitting him above his right eye.

Every journalist there now has a special place in infamy as the Press was meant to be a check on the “Government” and to prevent exactly what happened to the USA. If someone has the complete list of fake journalists there, please send that to me.

Some who were there are well known, and sure enough those foul beings were promoted to top positions. In all likelihood, they were agents or assets of the intel agencies and secret societies long before 11/22/63.

Recall the founding fathers were mostly high level freemasons. The “democracy”, the “republic”, and the constitution itself, my books reveal, were always illusions or pablum to the masses. All along, hidden forces were pulling the strings in/on the USA and everywhere else. My books reveal that way back in the 1770s, the USA was chosen to be the country that was eventually going to launch a full scale nuclear and biological QE attempt, followed by the extermination of our species.

We know one “journalist” who attended the Parkland press conference.  Robert MacNeil was there reporting for NBC News.  A short while before that, he is said to have followed crowds running onto the Grassy Knoll. He then headed towards the Texas School Book Depository building. His legend is that he asked a man there for the nearest telephone location. The laughable legend promulgated by William Manchester and his detritus 1967 book, Death of A President, is that that man was Oswald.

MacNeil went on to win an Emmy and co-hosted the PBS nightly news program, The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour for decades. His future co-anchor, Jim Lehrer was a reporter for the Dallas Times-Herald, and was there at that press conference too. So they both went to the top of that network for several decades, and had their books and other things widely promoted.

A little known Texas reporter was allegedly the only one that the Secret Service showed the Zapruder film too shortly after the Assassination. That reporter lied to all the other reporters and said the film showed Kennedy being slammed forward in the limo from the fatal head shot. He was rapidly promoted to the top of CBS. His name is Dan Rather.

Some 3 years later, intrepid, true journalist Dorothy Kilgallen found out who was involved in killing President Kennedy and was about to tell the world of the involvement of Johnson and the CIA.

Kilgallen had gotten two interviews with Jack Ruby. Based on that and other sources, she was about to take down the Gestapo Regime when she was assassinated. To this day, it’s not well known what Ruby told her.

Jack Ruby was CIA.

Jack Ruby told Kilgallen that he was not Mafia, and that that was his cover or legend. He told her that he was CIA, and named Johnson and the CIA for killing Kennedy and bringing fascism to the USA. If that sounds strange, you only need to think of Oswald. The “lone nut Communist” years later is now well known to have been an anti-Communist,  ONI/CIA agent with that legend of [fake] defection, etc to the USSR. In other words, both the patsy, Oswald, and his murderer, Ruby, are now known to have been Regime covert intel agents.

Ruby indeed is known to have run guns to Cuba, in the late 1950s, for Castro’s people. As only I reveal, the CIA wanted Castro in power for the later QE attempt known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Indeed the CIA and NSA were created in 1947, the same year as the Maury Island and Roswell UFO events. These were Quarantiner vs quarantined ones events that again I revealed were responses to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

More recently, disclosure of House Un-American Activities Committee’s secret documents from the 1940s, cited the trio of Jack Rubinstein [later changed to Ruby], Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon as working together as CIA NOC agents. Contrary to myth, they were all tight with the FBI as well, and before the CIA was created.

Ruby was known to have expressed relief, not anxiety, when Dallas police told him that Oswald had died. Instead of then having anxiety at facing a murder rap and possible death penalty, he was relieved. That likely means that his family had been threatened with death by his bosses at the CIA, Furthermore during the late 1970s, House Assassination Committee’s hearings, Mafia Godfather Sam Giancana was murdered. That would have been easy for his CIA handlers to arrange.

Again the entire list of fake journalists at the Parkland press conference needs to be revealed. Each or all could have tried to tell the world what WH Asst Press Secretary Kilduff had told them when the regime soon promoted the physically impossible “Kennedy was shot from behind” by the patsy Oswald scenario. Indeed Kilduff himself would sickeningly later promote the regime’s Oswald nonsense and thus negate his own words at Parkland.

The media as well had film of that press conference, but all the TV channels always left out the last few seconds when Kilduff tells and shows them the fatal bullet entered Kennedy above his right eye. It’s on youtube now, of course.

Life Magazine would soon publish an issue which reversed frames to make it look like Kennedy went forward in the limo.

The Zapruder film was first shown to the American people, 12 years later, in 1975 on Geraldo Rivera’s ABC-TV Show with Dick Gregory and photography expert Robert Groden there. Groden is well known to deny what can be readily seen in frame 313: part of Agent/Driver William Greer’s gun used to kill Kennedy. Dick Gregory—who died recently—for all his talking against the American Gov’t, to my knowledge, never once said what we can all see: Greer killed President Kennedy.

Fake journalists, fake assassination experts, fake critics—that’s who and what gets promulgated in the MSM and the internet. While the few of us who are not Gov’t agents get murdered or poisoned and suffer immensely and so few offer any support. Shame on the people of the USA and the world for what they didn’t do from November 22, 1963 to this very day: try to get Justice for the slain prince of peace and for those few of us who have suffered immensely for trying to get Justice for President Kennedy.

Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via Michaelrings13@yahoo.com